IGNITE (2015)

A short film created by the CCAD Animation Lab Team. Directed by Cailey Tervo.

In the deep jungles of a far away land, a herd of Cheetals live in constant fear of a mysterious predator that stalks them during the night. A young Cheetal within the herd is cast out when its glowing tail is seen as a threat to the safety of the rest of its kind. When night falls, the Cheetal finds itself under the attack of the mighty Sniger. In order to survive, the Cheetal must learn to accept that what makes it different also makes it stronger. Through bravery and determination, the young Cheetal uses its power to outwit its foe, ultimately learning that loving yourself is more important than having others love you.

All work shown besides the final film is my own. My work for this project is story, character, editorial, and logo design.


Belland Sniger Sanctuary. Banner for the Ignite film website, modeled after wildlife preserves. digital. 3x10in.